Hey friends, I have just a quick moment to type out an update. The past 2 months have been incredibly busy and flew by for me. I’ve had little time to much by way of blogging. I had foot surgery in October and when I returned to work after two weeks I got slammed. Despite this, I have some actual good news.

I had one of my stories accepted by Greater Sum, a Christian based literary journal. I’m still waiting to get more information, but I’m told it should be published in their next issue. Just not sure whether that means the Spring or Fall of 2018. I will keep you abreast on that story, entitled The Ninth Bullet, which is about a dying martyr’s final 30 seconds on earth.

The paperback version of Essential Meditations for Backsliders is sort of complete. I had a heck of a time formatting the page numbers in Word, but I managed to get a final version done albeit with page numbers on every page (even the blank ones, which I can’t seem to fix). I plan on making a last ditch effort to find someone who can do this for me, but if not I’ll probably just publish it as is. Jonathan from JPM Paintings graciously did the ebook cover and will also be doing the back and spine. Since I keep pushing the publishing date back, at this point I’ll just say that it will be available in early 2018.

I also received a very encouraging email while I was off work from one of the associate editors for The Best Small Fictions series started by Tara Masih. BSF held a microfiction  contest on their Facebook page (50 words or less in this case). Two winners would get the chance to have their stories considered for the BSF 2018 edition. Realizing I had nothing to lose and was going against much better writers than myself, I wrote and entered a story.

I did not win, but about a week later I received my very first fan mail! The editor I mentioned was ecstatic about my entry and I later found out from Tara Masih that it was sort of a finalist, so to speak. This encouraged me at just the right moment, because I often waver and doubt myself. It was validation that I’d been hoping for.

Since then I’ve written several new stories and have been looking for a place to submit my aforementioned microfiction, Recompense. You’ll have to wait for that to be published because I can’t give a hint for something so short. See, that’s how they get you! So stay tuned.

For now, have a Merry Christmas. Keep writing, reading, and looking for the return of our blessed Savior.

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