About a year ago, I had two pretty sturdy blogs. I first started blogging on Blogger about 10 years back and then I moved to WordPress. In 2013, I started the Grace Apparatus blog where I wrote about the Christian faith, theology, fiction, and whatever other random stuff that spewed out of my mind. I then began posting all my fiction and poetry on another blog. Both blogs had a humble following.

Until one day I backed up the blogs and deleted them forever.

It was something I had to do at that point in my life. Writing had long taken over my heart and my devotion to it was making the rest of my life difficult. See, I am a Christian and Christians are supposed to love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength. But I wasn’t doing that, so I had to repent and make things right.

What can you expect from me on this blog? I’m not sure yet. I am still working on a writing schedule and trying to get things tidy around my new website. Presently I have zero followers, so it’s a bit weird writing this and not knowing who will read it. This site will combine my writings about the Christian faith and my fiction & poetry. I’ll be discussing practical matters that apply to believers, but, as I’ve always desired, I want to welcome those who may not give a rip about Christianity. You’ll find short stories, an occasional poem, and thoughts on the writing process. I am hoping to compile some of the most popular posts from the Grace Apparatus, and I’ll either turn them into a free ebook or republish them here. 

Stop back soon–Gene

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