Well, it’s been a little over a month since I set up this website and I’ve barely had time to write. In that time I have:

  1. Had a hemi-toe implant and am still recovering from surgery
  2. Developed GERD and had to give up coffee and hot sauce
  3. Had half a dozen short story ideas, begun reading Erin McGraw’s collection, The Good Life (a must read)
  4. Created a business plan for my website, drafted a series of emails for my coming newsletter, and worked on getting my first book 40 Devotions for Backsliders ready for publication on Amazon.
Per my doctor, my joint looked like a 75-year-old’s joint. I’m 32 years ahead of myself.
Plus I’ve been trying to balance family and work, giving those two a greater focus as best I can. Work has kept me busy with a few major fire alarm projects happening all at once. Feast or famine I guess!
I’m writing this post just to keep folks up to date. My friend Jonathan is a painter/graphic artists and has offered to create a book cover for me. I love what he’s come up with and hopefully will be able to give a little sneak peak soon once we work out the details. 
When I used to blog regularly over the past decade I was always writing about something. I have an archive of posts and stories that I plan to share once I get through this busy time. My main push has been to get my book out there. For a limited time I’ve been offering it for free (minus a cover) in exchange for reviews when it comes out. If you are interested in doing that, let me know in the comments or you can email me via the contact page.
So what’s up with the title of the post, The Transition from Writer to Author? Well, it’s a first time for me and busy as heck. I subscribed to some various writers’ newsletters who have a lot of tips. But when it’s all said and done, you have to pay hundreds of dollars to get their real secrets. And I just can’t afford that. I have a new toe to pay off. So the process is slow going and I have to figure it out mostly by myself, researching and tweaking things here and there. There’s practically no spare time for creative writing. 
But it will all be worth it once I get my book published. My goal is to get it in both eBook form as well as paperback. I really want to be able to pass out copies to support the residents at the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley. And for now that requires me to complete this transition and keep plugging away. Look for a newsletter signup soon, and more updates on the book as they develop!
And hey, thanks for reading!

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