Gene is the author of Essential Meditations (a series of 40 day devotionals), The Grace Apparatus (a collection of blog posts taken from his former blog’s namesake), and numerous short stories and poems.

As a Bible-believing Christian, he is concerned about his life matching up with the teachings of Christ and the apostles in the Bible. He believes in the sufficiency and inerrancy of Scripture and enjoys a hearty theological conversation with believers and non-believers alike. His blog touches on a variety of subjects including theology, Christian living, the Christian worldview and the literary arts.

His fiction and poetry derive from his worldview, his personal struggles, and his concern for the people and events of his Father’s world while we wait for the second coming of Jesus. His passion for writing is second only to his faith and family, thus he doesn’t write as much as he would like. One day, if the Lord wills, he hopes to publish an autobiography for his family, a collection of his poems and short stories, and three yet-to-be-written novels that live in his brain and on his heart.