I’ve been following Jeff Goins for some time now, and since I’m a writer who’s trying to build a solid base both here on my blog and in my fiction, I’ve been perusing Jeff’s archives for experience and ideas. This is an article that resonates with me called Are Christians Writing “Edgy” for the Wrong Reasons?

I’ve long been concerned about doing things that are consistent with my faith in God, which includes how and what I write. I confess that much of my writing has been influenced by non-Christian authors, but not so that I can learn to cuss properly or insert evil things “artfully” in the context of a Christian-based short story; rather solely for the purpose of learning the techniques of great fiction. The brush strokes and shading so to speak.

I’ll also confess that sometimes the garbage and the evil stuff seeps into my mind undetected, which is why I’ve become more careful about which authors and individual stories I read. I’ve actually been known to edit some of my books with a black Sharpie or a pair of scissors.

I’ve read Christian authors who use profanity in some of their writing and I don’t think much of it is even warranted. On the other hand, the only cuss word in William Maxwell’s “So Long, See You Tomorrow” is like a fist punching you in the chest.

Curious to find an alternative to controversy, or want to know what good art should do? Click the link to the above article. You can also read the inspiration for Jeff’s post on C.J. Darlington’s blog.

2 thoughts on “Are Christians Writing “Edgy” for the Wrong Reasons?

  1. Thanks for this Gene. I deliberate similar things in my writing. As a believer desiring to glorify God in all things, writing compelling fiction has been a journey of continous learning and endless discovery. At the end of the day, write a good story. God is honored when we use our talents with excellence. And be who you are. After all, it’s difficult to write what you don’t know. Thanks again for this post.

    1. Rainer,

      I’m sorry I missed your comment for some reason. Those are great thoughts. Have you had any of your stories published anywhere? I’m always interested in reading other Christian writers.

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