After getting through a very busy holiday season, full of family and work responsibilities, my mind has drifted back to blogging. Busyness is a huge roadblock to writing lately, but being a perfectionist makes it even harder for my blog.

I did away with the WordPress the BlogPro apps. WordPress has just never gotten the app up to par and BlogPro let you sneak into the Internet and become way too distracted. I also got more or less sick of Ulysses since I don’t have the subscription service and I had to completely fix my book in Word after the fact anyway. But this morning I remembered that you can publish to WordPress directly from Ulysses.

So this is a quick test to check the formatting and see if it’s worth my time.

I have a lot of stuff I’ve worked on in 2017 and took something of a break, but if Ulysses decides to cooperate then I’ll be more apt to share some of my flash fiction, pastiche stories and whatever else.

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